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Styling your home; tips for adding the finishing touches to a space.

What exactly do we mean when we say “styling” a room? For me styling is where you get you add your personality into a room. Whereas room decorating consists of the large items e.g. lounge, furniture etc, the styling is all in the detail. Small accents and pieces placed in a room can completely transform it’s feel. Styling is an essential part of creating a feeling within a room.

Some things to keep in mind when styling a room include; the use of textures, colours and lighting but it is also an opportunity to tell a story and inject your personality. Family photos, shells you picked up on your last holiday, copies of your favourite books can all be great items to add to a room. While it is important not to over do it, you definitely want to avoid things looking cluttered, any flat surface is an opportunity to inject some personality. Hall tables, chest of drawers, window sills are all great places to add your styling.

A great way to link rooms and avoid an over cluttered look is to maintain a theme throughout your house. For example using all white photo frames, placing items on similar timber trays or placing collections of similar grouped items throughout the home.

If you want to add to a room but don’t know where to start there are a few simple rules of thumb worth considering:

1. Items placed in groups of threes of fives (odd numbers) will always be more pleasing to the eye then even numbers.

2. Consider contrasts in height. For example contrast a tall vase with a medium height vase and perhaps a smaller candle.

3. Keep it simple. Decide on a colour scheme, theme or type of decor and stick to it. For example one of the simplest on often most striking is a monochrome colour pallet. A variety of black an white vases, candles, a black and white coffee table book or artwork can look great in almost any room.

    But having said that, you won’t know what works for you until you try it, to the best way is to just get started styling and you will soon be injecting your own personality and story into every room in your home.

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    Kara Matthews, 


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