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Top Tips for Healthy Beautiful Nails

By following the tips below you will soon have healthy, strong, shiny nails.

1. Cuticle oil is your best friend

Using a cuticle oil will really help the condition of your nails, cuticles, and surrounding skin. There is a huge variety of different oils available, with many brands offering a variety of fragrances,  but essentially they will all do  the same thing so pick one you like and use it.  If your prefer to fo the DIY route, you can try mixing equal parts  of Pure Vitamin E Jojoba Oil which you should be able to pick up at your chemist or even on Amazon

2. Start using a glass nail file

It is well worth investing in a glass nail file. It will last you for years on end, a simple rinse under the tap when you feel like it needs a clean and it’s as good as new. Unlike regular emery boards, a crystal nail file will allow you to file backwards and forwards without the fear of tearing or damaging your nail tips. This means you can get a nice clean shape in the easiest and healthiest way.

3. Avoid cutting your cuticles 

You have probably been to a nail salon where they do this  but honestly, cutting your cuticles can be a big no-no. There are so many great alternatives available, nail and cuticle scrubs, cuticle dissolvers, you could even take a rubber orange stick and push them gently back after applying your cuticle oil. Remember – healthy cuticles lead to healthy nails!

4. Long baths and washing the dishes are nail kryptonite

Long soaks in the bath, washing up, anything that requires your nails to be submerged under water for a lengthy amount of time will weaken them. Everyone loves  a long, hot relaxing bath, but try to always be conscious of keeping your nails above water. And for those of us not lucky enough to have a dishwasher (or stand in family member) rubber gloves while washing the dishes are essential.

5. Keep them polished 

Nail polis is not only for aesthetics it also helps to protect the nail, so pop on a base coat, two coats of your chosen colour, and finish off with a top coat and cuticle oil. Good to go!

6. Avoid Acetone based removers

For many of us a life without acetone just wouldn’t work, it makes life far too easy. But always remember to put the moisture back into your nails and hands after using it, as it completely saps them dry. If you switch to non-acetone polish removers your nails and skin will thank you for it.

And the last bonus tip is??…

Wait for it….Diet. A healthy diet doesn’t only have benefits of keeping your waist line down. Eating a diet full of fruits, vegetables and whole grains, while avoiding saturated fats and processed sugars will help you the have healthy shiny hair, glowing skin and strong healthy nails.

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